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Reliable, scalable retail system designed for retail networks and the hospitality businesses and forms a single homogenous system.

Customer experience is enhanced by easy control and simple integration of end-user devices machines such as coffee machines, mobile cash registers and cash-handling machines.

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Multifunctional self-service payment terminal for outdoor and indoor use.

The terminal is compatible with most cash register systems via a standard interface. The payment system can be easily integrated into almost all point-of-sales. The device is also independent of existing information systems. This unique solution uses modern PC technology with the latest operating system and a fully customizable application software as required by the client.

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Mobile waiter

Redefine the service and catering experience to make it easier.

Customers can order and pay themselves. The mobile waiter lets customers order goods and services on a tablet or PayStation device. It is an ideal solution for restaurants, fast food, take-away, self-service petrol stations and all crowded areas away from the service zone.

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Online eKasa Client

Connect to the system eKasa with us. Take advantage of our comprehensive software and hardware solution, the online eKasa Client (OEC).

The OEC solution is fully compatible with the most popular cash registers, printers and POS systems. This makes it suitable for a variety of business owners, from small business owners to large business networks.

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Retail reporting

Get strategic insights for faster, more efficient decisions.

We'll provide you with reports with detailed information about your business. Start using an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface today! Simply log in to your system, review your company’s key data reports, and start to analyse.

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