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Save time of your call centre operator, evaluate topics and their evolution over time, give management a better overview of the performance of subordinates.

Take advantage of our comprehensive ONYX solution and save your operator’s time, evaluate topics and their development over time, and give management a better insight into the performance of your subordinates. Processing of audio recordings and text analytics provides transparent reporting and easy call searching.

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Advanced analytics

Do you need to increase your sales, turnover, margin, and streamline the operation of your processes?

Advanced analytics can find patterns, themes and motives of interest regarding your customers and help you make the right decisions. Our analytical team will help you enhance the processing of huge amounts of data using algorithms and build on your structured and unstructured transactional data models to achieve the following goals:

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Convert your reports from hard-to-read structured datasets into advanced and transparent graphics.

We provide you with improved aggregate information for each business request and broad analytical services and processing of various data types, such as:: transaction data, voice data, unstructured data, customer data, online and social media data.

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Customer intelligence

Discover and influence the buying behavior of your customers and potential customers.

We will show you how to correctly evaluate data from a large set and help you reach the right customers with an individualized offer. We will make it easier for you to manage, execute and monitor campaigns. Our services will help you verify and meet your business requirements, achieve your goals and grow your business.

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Business consulting

Increase the value of your customer service and operational efficiency.

Datapac offers a comprehensive range of strategic and technical consulting services in retail analytics. We provide professional services for your project from start to finish. We will help you identify and analyze challenges, implement solutions, and adapt to the rapidly-evolving retail environment.

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