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We're constantly recruiting.

We don't stop looking for quality programmers who will complement our team. We're frequently developing new applications and new projects are coming. Boredom? No way!

C #, Delphi, SQL, ASP.NET, XML, .NET form our everyday universe. And we are looking for new stars to add to it. Help us create an unforgettable constellation in the sky of infinite IT.

If you're a good project manager or business analyst, or you can perfectly manage consultations or create a unique software architecture, you are on the right website. Imagination has no limits, the space is wide open.

We are just outside of Bratislava, all jams in the opposite direction. We have our own building and parking, as well as a gym. In the morning we have a joint breakfast and hit the road for everyday adventures.

What jobs does it mean to offer you?

New solutions, better products. We continue to move forward.

We are monitoring current trends today to respond tomorrow to market demands. We continue to innovate our products and solutions.

Better, faster and more stable solutions are what make us happy. Easy-to-use interfaces delight our customers.


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