SLOVNAFT, Inc. is a refinery-petrochemical company that produces, stores, distributes and wholesales petroleum products and has the largest retail network selling motor fuels and lubricants in the Slovak Republic. Slovnaft’s retail network uses our comprehensive POSYBE retail system, from cash register in integration with subRetail to subERP. Our multifunctional self-service PayStation payment terminals including a mobile waiter for ordering snacks with instant payment are installed at Slovnaft petrol stations. SLOVNAFT uses tailor-made reports generated by our ROR dynamic retail reporting and analytical services. We provide software and hardware technical support services to Slovnaft 24/7.

MOL Czech Republic

MOL Czech Republic is a part of the international oil and gas company, the MOL Group, and is the second largest operator of petrol stations in the Czech Republic. MOL is one of the leading trading companies in the wholesale distribution and sale of motor fuels and lubricants. MOL Czech Republic petrol stations use our POSYBE retail system, including our analytical services and ROR dynamic reporting to filter detailed reports based on selected parameters and areas in management processes. Our experienced team also provides expert 24/7 technical support.


NORMBENZ Slovakia Ltd. is the operator of Lukoil service stations in the Slovak Republic and is part of the multinational company, Norm Benzinkut Kft. Currently, Lukoil has a network of 18 petrol stations across Slovakia. Our POSYBE retail information system operates cash registers, warehouse management, central product management and sets prices at the service stations. Lukoil also uses mixed payments, the PCS loyalty system, the discount system and our OEC legislative eKasa solution from the wide range of features that our system provides.

24h Oil

24h Oil is a network of self-service petrol stations in the Bratislava region. 24h oil is a smaller gas network operator portfolio and thanks to the scalability of the POSYBE retail system, it can make full use of all its advantages. Its petrol stations use our modern PayStation self-service payment terminals. End customers also have an innovative eco-friendly solution to refill water for windscreen washing from our subsidiary, EcoTank.

Solar 2009

Solar 2009 undertakes wholesale and retail sale and distribution of fuel for business partners throughout Slovak Republic, in cooperation with a number of petrochemical companies. Solar 2009 uses our integrated solutions to strengthen its competitiveness in terms of fuel prices, conditions and continuity. We provided Solar 2009 with automatic creation and generation of reports in the Power BI and data preparation of the creation of ETL data pumps of dynamic reports.


CCS is a Slovak company providing payment and fuel cards and company vehicle monitoring services in Slovakia and Central Europe. CCS is a member of the international group, FLEETCOR. CCS cards are accepted at more than 80% of petrol stations in Slovakia and more than 90% of petrol stations in the Czech Republic. We provide CCS with comprehensive technical support for terminal equipment throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


ZSE Energy is one of the largest suppliers of electricity and gas in Slovakia with over 95 years of history and millions of customers. ZSE Energy uses our ePAC solution - remote monitoring and intelligent management of operational technologies to optimize the energy consumption of its end users. We provide ZSE with comprehensive assistance including design, project documentation, implementation, technical support and dynamic reporting.


Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa is a universal insurance company operating on the Slovak insurance market. It is part of the international insurance group, Allianz Societas Europaea, which manages the contracts of millions of clients worldwide. Allianz - SP is one of the largest universal insurance companies in Slovakia and offers a wide range of insurance products. Allianz - SP uses our consulting and technical support services to ensure effective management and SAS business and analytical tools such as SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Visual Analytics.


Invia is a travel agency which provides a wide range of tourism services. It specializes in online sales of tours abroad and provides its services in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, as well as on the Slovak market. Invia's call centre is a significant tool for collecting requests. Invia uses our ONYX comprehensive analysis tool to improve data handling and collection. It allows call script alignment, analysis of agent recordings to monitor compliance with predefined scenarios, keyword identification, and transcription of call-to-text for analysis. ONYX also provides Invia with analytical reporting of all data.

NN Slovakia

NN Slovakia is one of the major providers of life insurance and pension products in Slovakia. It is part of a multinational financial group in more than 18 countries, with 15 million clients. NN Slovakia uses various sales channels for its products and services to make sure they are easily available and ensure operational efficiency. To meet these goals, we provide NN Slovakia with services for SAS analysis tools, including implementation, deployment, training and consulting.


ProCare is a network of polyclinics and hospitals in all regions of Slovakia. It is part of the Penta Hospitals International group. ProCare provides superior care to its patients and has streamlined management processes in its 12 facilities. We help ProCare with integration and support for SAS business tools such as SAS Enterprise Miner / Text miner, SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Visual Analytics.


Union is one of the longest established insurance companies on the Slovak market. It offers a wide range of products for individual and corporate clients and is a subsidiary of the Achmea B.V. insurance group, which operates in several European countries. Union’s business approach in the insurance segment is to provide premium services, proactivity and innovation. We provide comprehensive support to Union for SAS analytics tools, with a primary focus on prediction models and the implementation of the Spinel integration solution between SAS Marketing Automation and MailChimp.


Unimedia is one of the largest media agencies in Slovakia. The company specializes in digital media space, PPC campaign management, communication strategy development, and combines big data analytics, in-house research and campaign realizations. Unimedia prepares continuous and final reports from individual campaigns for its clients. It uses the SAS Visual Analytics environment implemented by Unimedia to automate the creation and generation of reports. We also provided and facilitated data preparation and creation of ETL data pumps and dynamic reports, which significantly accelerated the company’s processes.

Tatry mountain resorts

Tatry mountain resorts is a leader in the operation of mountain resorts, amusement parks and tourist services in Central and Eastern Europe. Its centres are located in the High and Low Tatras, in the Czech Republic, in the Polish Beskid Mountains and Austria. The portfolio of Tatry mountain resorts includes the largest mountain resorts, amusement parks, golf courses, restaurants, sport services and shops, hotels and real estate projects. Tatry mountain resorts manages and supports its centres using integrated software solutions - SAS Enterprise Miner/Text miner, SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Visual Analytics, for which we provide training and consulting services.


Liptovar craft brewery brews unpasteurized and unfiltered beers in the tradition of original Liptov craft breweries. It supplies its products across Slovakia and runs its own beer restaurant. To make the best business decisions and provide the best possible services to its customers, Liptovar has integrated our dynamic retail restaurant reporting into its processes. Thanks to this feature, it receives an analysis of sales over time and by shifts and financial reporting analysing margin and turnover.

FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda

FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda is a Slovak football club in the top Slovak league. It plays its home games at the MOL Arena, which has a capacity of 12,700 spectators. Last season, it had the highest average league match attendance. Sports fans buy refreshments during matches using our RIS POSYBE system. Standard operation of cash registers and warehouse management is enhanced by the integration of a cashless system and mobile cash register, which significantly reduces customer service time and provides them with convenient service, without the need to leave their seats.

ŠK Slovan Bratislava

ŠK Slovan Bratislava is a Slovak football club playing in the top Slovak league. It plays its home matches at the Tehelné pole stadium, with a capacity of 22,500. The stadium is also the National Football Stadium and hosts home matches of the Slovak national team. We provide our Slovan with an integrated cashless system on our PayStation multi-purpose smart terminals. These provide credit recharge and verification services and the issuance of new cards to replace cash use in the stadium.

Envien Group

The Envien Group is one of the most important and strongest group of companies in Central and Eastern Europe, and produces biofuels used in mixtures with diesel and petrol. The 6 companies in the EG Group use the multi-enterprise ERP system set up by our company, Oracle E - a business suite of modules covering business, production planning, logistics and transportation, warehousing, maintenance, management of materials, high quality data processing as well as finance, accounting and reporting. In addition to key deliveries of IT solutions, we also provide consulting services and comprehensive project management.


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