Media: EcoTank – the Slovak ecological invention is now available at petrol stations 

Bratislava, 14 June 2017 - Drivers can now use a new ecological method for topping up washer fluid at petrol stations. Pilot operation of the unique Slovak device, EcoTank, has begun at Slovnaft petrol stations. This low-energy technological solution helps the environment by ending the need for plastic containers. Our goal is to become the Europe-wide standard for petrol stations.

At the edge of Bratislava and the surrounding area, drivers can use EcoTank at selected Slovnaft petrol stations installed next to the pumps. EcoTank is an easy-to-use topping up system for washer fluid with a self-service filling nozzle that drivers can use when purchasing fuel. The modern design includes a tank, which the fluid is drawn from using a patented energy-saving gravity system. The system only requires a 24V power supply.

Our EcoTank device is a low-cost, low-energy operation. By eliminating plastic waste, which never degrades, we are helping to save the environment. That was our main aim when creating this globally-unique solution,’ said Juraj Saktor, co-inventor of the technological EcoTank solution, who developed the concept with the inventor, Richard Vámoš.

Motorists can try the practical and easy-to-use EcoTank solution during pilot operation at Slovnaft petrol stations. By mid-June, the devices will be ready for use at these four petrol stations:

  • DČS Zlaté piesky in Bratislava
  • ČS in Záhorská Bystrica
  • ČS on Šenkvická street in Pezinok
  • ČS on Prístavná street in Bratislava

In the future, we hope to increase the number of devices at Slovnaft stations. ‘We are continually trying to bring new easy-to-use solutions for our customers. EcoTank is an easy-to-use, ecological system for topping up windscreen washer fluid at the petrol station’ said Erik Wandracsek, Manager of the Slovnaft petrol station chain.

EcoTank is designed as a universal standard for any petrol station and installation does not require construction work and the system is easy to operate and does not require an attendant. The system uses the same connection to the petrol station information system as the fuel dispensers. Therefore, the customer sees the price he will pay for the windscreen washer fluid, in the same way as for fuel. EcoTank can be filled with any windscreen washer fluid – both summer and winter fluids.

The vision of EcoTank is to move beyond the borders of Slovakia and become a European standard of petrol stations in 2 years’ time. ‘If our invention becomes a standard feature at 15% of petrol stations in Europe, we can reduce the amount of plastic container waste by 500 tons annually. Our ambitions are high, as we believe in the success of this ecological and highly practical solution for drivers,’ stated Rudolf Garan, EcoTank CEO. EcoTank sees great potential in northern countries and southern Europe, where windscreen washer fluid consumption is higher.

ECOTANK s.r.o. is a part of Datapac Group

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