Media: A Slovak invention: equipment to replace plastic canisters at petrol stations 

EcoTank, a unique solution for topping up windshield washer fluid, is set to become the standard at petrol stations within 2 years

Bratislava, 25th May, 2016 – A positive environmental impact, modern design, simple installation and easy handling are the key features of an innovative solution, EcoTank, a Slovak invention which is set to become the worldwide standard at all petrol stations. The inventors’ main goal was to decrease the environmental burden from plastic packaging. They are looking to succeed in Scandinavia, in Southern Europe and also on other continents where windshield washer fluid consumption is higher.

The creators of EcoTank have the goal that their invention will be installed at 15% of all petrol stations in Europe, which would mean 500 tons less plastic waste from containers for windshield washer fluid a year. It takes almost 500 years for plastic containers to degrade, which is environmentally unsustainable in the long-term. Apart from the plastic, EcoTank also has an ecological impact on overall operation, as thanks to the gravity feeding principle, it needs only 24 volts to operate.

EcoTank has been designed as a standard for any petrol station. It is easy to install, no construction work is required and it is easy to use and does not require an attendance.  

“I worked several months on the prototype development,” said Richard Vámoš, the EcoTank inventor. “The innovator, Juraj Saktor, and his team gave EcoTank a modern design and refined its technology. EcoTank has been granted a worldwide patent and it represents a unique solution offering low operational costs and user-friendliness. I am convinced that our solution will be attractive both to petrol stations and fluid producers,” Vámoš added.

The vision for EcoTank is set to become the standard at European petrol stations within 2 years and will prevent millions of tons of plastic waste being generated every year.

About EcoTank

There was one goal at the beginning of the EcoTank story: to help our planet to be greener. We were trying to find a way to eliminate plastic containers and prevent millions of tons of waste being generated every year. Just as we do not buy fuel in plastic containers, soon we will not use plastic containers for windshield washer fluid. These will be replaced with EcoTank, a unique ecological solution, which is set to become a petrol station standard within 2 years.

EcoTank is a member of Datapac Group.

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